Resplice introduces a new way to contact information, never ask anyone for updated info again.

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Resplice from Capabit is an awesome Contact Sharing App designed to change the way you share personal and work information !



Build a Profile

Enter any information you would like to share with your friends, family, or co-workers, whether it be your new phone number, address, website, or anything you can imagine.


Live information

As soon as one of your contacts updated their information it is updated immediately on your phone.


Access from Any Device

Look at your contacts from your web browser, smart phone, & tablet. I mean, heck, you might as well try it on your smart fridge.

Share Information

You choose which information from your profile you want the rest of the world to see and revoke access to that information from anyone at anytime.

Group Sharing

Share your information with a group or departments in your business

Progressive Web App

This allows you to look at your contacts while offline and allows us to give you your info fast while keeping it secure. You don't even have to download the app to use it.