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We're changing the way people connect and share.

Resplice is a new way to interact online. You are put back in control of your data. You choose exactly what to share with who, all with our simple and secure app.

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A next-generation identity platform

Resplice is an installable web app that starts simple but will include more & more integrations and features to make managing your identity online easier.

Identity Solved
A hub for your online identity. Add your social media accounts, websites, address, emails, and more to your profile. You are in control of your data, you can choose what to share and what to keep private.
Self-managed Community
Whether you want to manage a professional network or just your community of friends and family, we have you covered. Your network manages themselves, if someone changes their email or address, you will automatically see the new value.
Quick & Simple Connections
Connect with someone else on Resplice in seconds using a QR code scan. No need to type in long email addresses or usernames. Just scan and connect. You can also invite someone using their phone number.
Advanced Security
We use industry standard encryption and security practices to ensure your data is safe. We are also password-less, no need to remember long passwords or worry about password requirements.

Invite Your Network

Import Contacts

Import your native contacts or import from Google to quickly build your Resplice network. We'll automatically send them an invite to connect with you on Resplice.

Automatic SMS Notification
Inviting a contact to connect with you will automatically send an sms message to their phone number if they do not already have an account.
Pending Connections
You can still invite someone already on Resplice with their phone number. It will not send them an SMS message but use in-app, pending connection notification instead to prevent spam and allow for easier connections.
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